Talking about suicide is the first step to prevention. When we take the stigma away we can then begin learning and understand how we can help ourselves and others who are thinking of suicide.



There is training and education for those who want to learn about why people suffer with suicidal thoughts and how there is hope and help for them. With the right training and education we can help reduce suicides.



If you or someone you know are in crisis contact 911 for immediate help. For other resources in your local area look here for more information.


Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention (OASP) does not provide crisis intervention or counseling.

If you are feeling suicidal or are in crisis, or know someone who is, please contact your local crisis line, mental health centre, hospital, get in touch with your family physician or call 911. Local Crisis services can be found in the front of your local phone book. Information on this web site is not a substitute for professional counselling. It is strongly recommended that you seek guidance from a professional caregiver.

Are you in crisis or know someone who is? Click Here


Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention works toward reducing the rate of suicide and minimizing the harmful consequences of suicidal behaviour by providing information and resources to communities through the province of Ontario. The OASP works toward the achievement of its purpose by advocacy, support, education, partnerships and collaborations rather than by the provision of direct service. The following resources are there to listen:

To find information on ASIST/ SafeTalk and other workshops from Living Works, check the LivingWorks website:
LivingWorks Education – Suicide prevention information and prevention training classes

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